Shots Stink - Big Time

So I finally took Jordyn to her four-year-old check-up. Things get crazy around her birthday in November and then I've been dealing with my own health issues that I sort of forgot to get her well-child exam until yesterday. Yikes!

She probably would have been okay with missing it after one finger prick to see if she was anemic (she's not), a TB test in her forearm (gotta call them back tomorrow with results), 2 shots in her left leg and 3 more in her right leg. That's seven ouchies in case you were counting. It was not fun at all.

I'm starting to see the logic in getting them all over with in one visit but, man, that's a lot of trauma for a visit to the doctor when 20 seconds ago you were feeling just fine, thank you very much. You know? They asked me to hold her arms still while they did the injections so, of course, Jordyn is staring into my face with such betrayal in her eyes. It was a sad, sad moment.

(You can see where three of her shots ended up along with nice bruise...)

Sometimes growing up sure stinks. Jordyn didn't cry long at all and she left the office laughing, actually, because they gave her six stickers as a reward for being such a big girl. :)


Erin said...

The prized at the end always help. Good job Jordyn! Shots do stink though.

Erin said...

How about prizes not prized.