Field Day Fun

After being rained-out yesterday, Cara's field day was this morning. She competed in three events:
  • Tennis-Ups (stand inside a hula hoop and bounce a tennis ball on a racket as many times as you can.) - 1st place Blue Ribbon!
  • Hula Hoop - good effort!
  • Class Tug-of-War - 1st place Blue Ribbon!

Each class made their own t-shirts with team names. Cara's teacher is Ms. Gant so they were Gant's Gators. I thought that was a pretty cute idea.

It was a beautiful day for a nice tug-of-war...

And of course, Jordyn had to be right up in the action and watched all of the competition going on with a front row seat by Cara.

Good job, Munchie!!


Tobi said...

Congrats to Cara!! My favorite picture is the last one of Cara and Jordyn hugging. I love the t-shirts too.

It's funny, my son's school is doing the exact same t-shirt thing. They are going to be Monkeys because his teacher's name is Mrs. Moomaw.

Phat Phillips said...

Cute!! Awesome job to Cara she is a star. I won a hula hoop contest when I was little.