Four years ago we innocently went to tithing settlement at church. Bishop Roueche took care of business and then announced that his dog just had puppies and looking directly at Cara and Jordyn asked, "Girls, wouldn't you like a puppy to bring home to your house??" Talk about sabotage!

Two weeks later we brought home a bundle of white fluff whom the girls named Sugar. She is a Heinz 57 dog - half chihuahua and half mutt...

Cara has always been the one to take care of and love on Sugar.
Jordyn, 2 years old, squeezing into Sugar's crate (which didn't last too long because I couldn't take the crying Sugar would do when we put her in there...)

Cara and Sugar had a special bond. Having a dog has been a mixed bag. She's been a great friend to Cara all these years but recently we've decided that she would probably have a better life with someone else. Except in the summer time she spent A LOT of time by herself. We would have to remind Cara way too much to feed or water or bathe Sugar. She was constantly digging out under our fence. Do I need to mention the dog hair issue? But the worst was every time we left town we would have to ask our friends to keep her at their houses. I hated asking. Really.

So a nice woman who works with Bryan said she'd be willing to take Sugar for a trial stay with her. For a few weeks Cara was pretty resistant to the idea. We never really pressed it but each time Sugar got out or rolled in poo or tried to eat food off our table (Grrr!!) I could see she was thinking about it. On Wednesday, while Bryan was still in the hospital, she came to me and said I'm ready to let her go.
Saying goodbye this morning. Sugar has been so tolerant of Jordyn all these years, putting up with being picked up and getting her tail pulled.
This is Babs and her dog Brady. Bryan said he thought she had a few dogs already. When we got there five dogs greeted us! Five! That's a lot of doggie love. We stayed and visited for over an hour and Jordyn made herself right at home... Sugar will have furry friends and a huge backyard on a lake to run around. Babs has invited us to visit anytime we want and we're looking forward to going fishing with the Millwards in April. Babs' daughter, Amanda, has already posted pictures on Facebook for us and says Sugar's fitting right in. It makes it much easier to swallow that she's in a happy home.
We'll miss you Sugar but thank you Babs!


The Offending Appendage

This actually looks a lot better than it did yesterday. It looked more like Fred Flintstone's foot then but it is now angry, red and spreading across the top of his foot.

Doctors are saying he'll be in most of the week until the redness goes away completely.

We've had a lot of support from friends down here and many kind thoughts and prayer pledges offered up to us. It means a lot. Erin helped me yesterday by driving one of our cars home from Dallas and then she, Kevin and Jacob visited Bryan tonight when they were in town. Jordyn got to play with her BFF Alexandrea Washington after school. Cara stayed home tonight to work on her homework and was visited by the Brittons. When I walked in tonight it was a major Mario Kart Wii party happening at the house and I was so happy to have such good friends.

We're praying Bryan gets out sooner than later and that all will be well with his foot.


Can You Spot the Difference?

Hmm... didn't I just post this picture yesterday??

The location has changed from our comfy living room into Baylor University Medical Center - Dallas.
Not cool.

At least we're still smiling...
I'd recount the whole story but it's late, I'm tired, and chances are we're Facebook friends and you know the story already. ♥


Nothing Like a Good Nap...

This is what 9 am church means to me...

Ahh... the return of the Sunday afternoon nap. Yes!


Our "Fun" Day

Yesterday we spent the day cleaning and organizing the house and raking the leaves. The girls helped out readily with the promise of "today is our work day and tomorrow will be our fun day."
Anyone who's traveled along I-30 will recognize this blurry picture as the Ripley's Believe it or Not and Louis Tussaud's Wax Museum. For as long as I can remember Cara has begged to visit. She's into stuff like that. We figured today would be a great day for this one.

It was full of the weird and creepy alike. They even had an exhibit of the life of Christ. That was unexpected... On a side note, it was interesting that they went from birth to teaching at the Temple to the Sermon on the Mount to the Last Supper to the Crucifixion and the Resurrection. Entirely skipped was the Garden of Gethsemane and the Atonement... if you're gonna do it, do it right...

Next it was off to fly kites at the park. We spent a lot of time getting a new Star Wars Millennium Falcon 3-D kite put together only to find at the park it did not want to take off into the sky. Rude! These cheap-o CVS brand kites I had in the closet for an "I'm bored" day flew like nobody's business though.

Glad we could all enjoy a fun day together at home!


Grandpa Boyer

I promise to update this blog more regularly but I just had to post this video of Bryan's dad with Cara in the van on the way to the Golden Gate Bridge. He thought she was letting him listen to a song but she was video taping him... So sweet!

Mac is an awesome grandfather and a great father-in-law.

Can't. Stop. Smiling.

This was Cara's Christmas gift this year. A sweet, pink 8gb iPod that can hold her tunes, allow her to watch movies, has FM radio service, and make video recordings...

She loves it! ♥
We may never get her back...