The Offending Appendage

This actually looks a lot better than it did yesterday. It looked more like Fred Flintstone's foot then but it is now angry, red and spreading across the top of his foot.

Doctors are saying he'll be in most of the week until the redness goes away completely.

We've had a lot of support from friends down here and many kind thoughts and prayer pledges offered up to us. It means a lot. Erin helped me yesterday by driving one of our cars home from Dallas and then she, Kevin and Jacob visited Bryan tonight when they were in town. Jordyn got to play with her BFF Alexandrea Washington after school. Cara stayed home tonight to work on her homework and was visited by the Brittons. When I walked in tonight it was a major Mario Kart Wii party happening at the house and I was so happy to have such good friends.

We're praying Bryan gets out sooner than later and that all will be well with his foot.


Tobi said...

Besides being red, his foot really doesn't look all that bad. It's funny sometimes how serious issues can look like no big deal.

I hope Brian gets to come home soon!

Ashley said...

Feel better, I'm glad you've got people taking care of you!

The Gee Six said...

Aargh, why do we have to live forever away?!? I hope Bryan gets better soon! Love you guys!