Today. . . . .

Today. . . . . I am copying Lynne's blog.

Today. . . . . I actually showered before Bryan. He's usually the first one up and smelling fresh and clean whilst I stumble around bleary-eyed trying to get the children ready for school before I take care of myself...

Today. . . . . As I was dropping Jordyn off for her ride to Pre-K she did the whole puff-your-cheeks-out-and-swallow-a-gag-like-you're-gonna-puke thing. In someone else's car. I panicked, jerked her out quickly, took her to my school where I called Bryan to pick her up and stay home with her (I'm out of sick days...). The doctor says it's a virus. Great.

Today. . . . . I wished Jordyn had strep - for the sole reason that it can be treated with antibiotics and be a memory quicker than quick.

Today. . . . . I edited 45 biography/research papers. Ask me anything you want about Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, or Eleanor Roosevelt. **Note to self - next year no multiple biographies allowed - first come, first served...**

Today. . . . . I intercepted no less than 5 notes - one of which would make a sailor blush scarlet - and worried more than ever about the world and what's happening around us.

Today. . . . . I talked to Cara about the difference between the "New Testament" the Gideon's handed out at school and the one we use at home. Why do we need to dumb down God's word? We don't. I love that girl.

Today. . . . . I finalized plans for Enrichment Night next Tuesday. Oh, you didn't know I was released as Primary President last month? Hmm... Could it be because I haven't blogged in over a month? Yes, Enrichment Leader now...

Today. . . . . I played Mafia Wars on Facebook. It's slightly obsessive, I know. Blame my sister, Alison.

Today. . . . . I am thankful for my friends whose blogs I still stalk every day. Even though I might not leave a comment - they are read, they make me smile and I feel connected to you all from my peeps close by to those hundreds of miles away. Thanks.

Lastly, this horribly grainy picture taken at the end of "Today" is for Samantha. Love you!