The Best Teacher I know

Public service Announcement
Please don't ridicule my attempt at blogging I am not near as eloquent as Hilary!

I saw this on Hilary's Facebook wall and I thought I would share it and and a few thoughts about my wife the Teacher.

"My son still calls your class his "golden year""

This comment gave the idea to post on the not yet dead blog (Facebook has really Killed this thing).

  • Every time we are out somewhere we usually get a "Hi Mrs Boyer" very cheerfully I might add they truly love her and she loves them. ( I would usually hide from my teachers )

  • She has been nominated for teacher of the year many times. and in 2005 she won for her school. This tells me of the respect she garners amongst her fellow teachers.

  • The amount of contact she has with her former students is amazing to me she is friends with them on Facebook, and most of those Hi Mrs Boyer's are not from current students.

  • And to finally one of her former students is a Returned Missionary and starting his Sophomore year on the BYU football team.

I love you Hilary and you are the Best Teacher I have ever seen ( I am Biased get over it). I know you wonder if you do any good I can tell you do I can see it.

Keep it up