Four years ago we innocently went to tithing settlement at church. Bishop Roueche took care of business and then announced that his dog just had puppies and looking directly at Cara and Jordyn asked, "Girls, wouldn't you like a puppy to bring home to your house??" Talk about sabotage!

Two weeks later we brought home a bundle of white fluff whom the girls named Sugar. She is a Heinz 57 dog - half chihuahua and half mutt...

Cara has always been the one to take care of and love on Sugar.
Jordyn, 2 years old, squeezing into Sugar's crate (which didn't last too long because I couldn't take the crying Sugar would do when we put her in there...)

Cara and Sugar had a special bond. Having a dog has been a mixed bag. She's been a great friend to Cara all these years but recently we've decided that she would probably have a better life with someone else. Except in the summer time she spent A LOT of time by herself. We would have to remind Cara way too much to feed or water or bathe Sugar. She was constantly digging out under our fence. Do I need to mention the dog hair issue? But the worst was every time we left town we would have to ask our friends to keep her at their houses. I hated asking. Really.

So a nice woman who works with Bryan said she'd be willing to take Sugar for a trial stay with her. For a few weeks Cara was pretty resistant to the idea. We never really pressed it but each time Sugar got out or rolled in poo or tried to eat food off our table (Grrr!!) I could see she was thinking about it. On Wednesday, while Bryan was still in the hospital, she came to me and said I'm ready to let her go.
Saying goodbye this morning. Sugar has been so tolerant of Jordyn all these years, putting up with being picked up and getting her tail pulled.
This is Babs and her dog Brady. Bryan said he thought she had a few dogs already. When we got there five dogs greeted us! Five! That's a lot of doggie love. We stayed and visited for over an hour and Jordyn made herself right at home... Sugar will have furry friends and a huge backyard on a lake to run around. Babs has invited us to visit anytime we want and we're looking forward to going fishing with the Millwards in April. Babs' daughter, Amanda, has already posted pictures on Facebook for us and says Sugar's fitting right in. It makes it much easier to swallow that she's in a happy home.
We'll miss you Sugar but thank you Babs!


Amanda said...

I never even knew you had a dog! Cara is such a mature girl!

Tobi said...

And that's why we are getting a cat. They love to be ignored and they love ignoring us even more. =)

That was really sweet of you to let Cara take her time to decide if she really wanted to keep Sugar. You are a good Mom!!

Suzy J said...

Farewell Sugar Booger! May Babs have as much fun chasing you down the road in her bath robe as I did! :)