River Trails Performing Ensemble

Cara is in her school's performing ensemble. The group made up of 5th and 6th graders sing, dance and play musical instruments. The kids practice at least once a week during their recess and then every Wednesday after school for an hour. Our music teacher, Mrs. McKenna, is very dedicated. I wish I would've taken a picture of the whole group but I was focused on my own cutie...Playing the xylophone (only it's not an ordinary xylophone - it has a special name that's escaping me right now...)

Here they are doing a hand/body-slapping, stomping rhythm dance. In the background you can see the buckets the boys did a "bucket song" with. It was really cool!

Here's a short video of Cara's solo in the "Tropic" song and then everyone joining in. She really enjoys being a part of the ensemble group!


Tobi said...

SO COOL! Go Cara! I love the music.

Ashley said...

Awesome! Cara is so talented...I love that girl!

Amanda said...

Cara is so great! Fun to see this. Thanks for posting it!