Jordyn's Latest

Last night as I was getting Jordy ready for bed she had me laughing so hard...

Jordyn: Mom, I have one big boobie and one little boobie.

Me: Really? Hmm... You do?

Jordyn: (Very seriously) Yes.

Me: Oh. (pause) Which one is your big boobie?

Jordyn: (Pointing at her chest) This one.

Me: Okay. Which one is your little boobie?

Jordyn: (Chin on her chest, looking down) Hey! Where did that other one go??


Phat Phillips said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! She is one funny kid!

Krysta said...

Sounds just like Jordy. Next thing you know, she'll be memorizing joke books like Cara.

Spymommy said...

I wish things on me would disappear when i looked down like that! What a cutie.

bramwell said...

That made me laugh so hard! It really made my day!