Walker Wedding #1

Our niece Ashley got married two weeks ago and I am finally posting a few pics of the blissful event! Bryan was the only Texas Boyer who was able to attend which made us all sad but he reports the entire weekend was just fabulous. Ashley is Bryan's sister Beckie's daughter who has been attending Snow College and got a scholarship to play volleyball for Snow. She married Joe Phillips, who happens to be the kicker for Snow's football team. Can we predict athletic children??
Brent & Beckie Walker Family

The aunts and uncles (minus Aunt Hil)

The cool fish in the blue water centerpieces that Bryan keeps mentioning. :)

Walker Wedding #2 will be in June when Beckie's oldest, Amanda will wed her Beau!


Newlywed News said...

Hey Aunt Hil I got myself a blog, I thought I needed one to leave you comments but maybe not. Anyway I have no idea what I am doing. Unlce Bryan is a great photographer these pictures are good. And you blogging on them made me cry. Anyway love you!

b - bo said...

I keep mentioning the fish picture because it is a dang cool picture' and yes Ash I am great photographer thank you.