Pizza Anyone?

We had a big elder's quorum pizza party on Saturday night at the Mansfield Webb park. Lots of pizza, laughing, kite flying, football, fellowshipping, sticky-plant throwing fun was had by all! This was our last function as the Arlington 5th Ward since our stake met today to realign ward boundaries today (more on that in another post sometime when I can get myself together...).

Jordyn with Claire Afungia her junior nursery leader and a great friend who I attended the graduation celebration in the Tongan ward in Euless last year with. One of my favorite students from my first year teaching, Manaaki Vaitai, was a member of that ward and is at BYU this year on a football scholarship!

Some of my favorite people: Courtney, Stephanie, Lisa & Joanna.

More of the girls: Jennie Jo, Erin, me, Sandi & Suzy.

Notice that I dressed up for this activity? Also notice the prednisone effect on my face? Nice.

Dash, aka Champion Kite Flyer & Fit-Thrower when it was time to put the kite away :)

One of our favorite elders ever on the right (can you have favorites?), Elder Gordon from Canada. He goes home in less than a month and this is his second stint in 5th ward. On the left, an equally great guy, Elder Montgomery from Nevada, who has been out in the field less than a month. Funny partnership when you think about the timing but it seems to work perfectly!

Not a great shot of the football game they had going but the only one I have... They had the missionaries be team captains and pick sides. :) Every guy out there last night was sore and complaining today - hee-hee! Bryan really pulled his hamstring... ouch... but he's quick to point out he played through the pain and his team won!

Thank heaven for porta-potties (and hand sanitizer)
'cause when ya' gotta go - ya' gotta go...

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Erin said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. That was a fun night!