Thumbs up...

Jordy started sucking her thumb when she was 3 months old. The first time I saw her doing it I thought it was SO cute. I even took a picture. Now... four years later... NOT so cute.

We've been talking with her about kicking the thumb-sucking habit. Thank goodness she only sucks her thumb at night when she's falling asleep and doesn't walk around all day with her thumb plugged in her mouth... Here is the conversation yesterday as we drove home from the Koenig's last night. It was dark and she was sleepy.

Me: Jordyn, please take your thumb out. (I could hear her trying to breathe and suck her thumb at the same time... she's so congested right now...)

Jordyn: Why momma?

Me: Because it's dirty and sucking your thumb will mess up your pretty teeth.

Jordyn: But I like it dirty. It's my favorite.

Hmm... I'll keep trying but I don't think the logic and reasoning thing is working so good for me right now.


Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

A friend of mine whose daughter had a similar problem bought something that slipped over her thumb and fastened around her wrist. It worked. I could try and figure out what it was if you haven't already heard of such a thing.
Good luck with that!

littlesomething said...

My kids all loved binkies, which is nice because at least at some tpoint you can take it away. but then when they wake up and can't find it and cry until someone helps, it stinks.

Hil said...

Shar,e-mail me the info please!

Spymommy said...

Mmmm . . . dirty thumb, my favorite. :)

Anderson Zoo Keepers said...


I think this was what she used. There are much more expensive versions (that actually lock) but this is the least spendy (by miles).