Our White Christmas

Hope you'll endulge me a few pictures from Christmas even though it was a month ago... We drove up to Utah and were there for close to 2 weeks. Living in Texas doesn't afford our kids much chance to play in the snow (if we get snow, it's once a year and a meager skiff at that) so they were THRILLED about having a white Christmas! (The cupcakes for Cara's class party! Cute, huh?)

The Davis side cousins - Top step- Thomas, 8 (Jill's) & Cara, 9 (mine)

Bottom - Rusty, 3 (Ali's), Jordyn, 4 (mine) & Tyson, 2 (Jeremy's).

Pile on Grandma & Grandpa time! Nice mug, Rusty... :)

Cara & Jordyn had a blast sledding with Uncle Trent and Daddy!! As a side note, on their last run, Cara flew off the sled, her knee connected with her nose and we had bloody snow - not so fun...

This is right after Cara gave Jordyn a handful of snow to the face by surprise. Jordyn is always a great sport but Cara should watch out when she gets a little bigger!

Waiting for the Trax to take us to Temple Square to see the Christmas Lights with Grandma & Grandpa Boyer... Riding light rail, by the way, was for some reason VERY exciting for the girls.


Erin said...

Skiff...that's a new word to me! I bet I will learn all kinds of new vocab words reading your blog, he he he.

Ali said...

There is a reason why we call him Crusty Rusty! Love ya!