Curly Q's

Recently, the girls discovered the ziploc bag of sponge rollers under the bathroom sink. I'd used them a few times on Cara's hair when she was little but she HATED sleeping on them and the whole hassel was just too much (for us both...). So under the sink they went.

Cara found them and begged me to put them in her hair, which I gladly did since she's been sorta 'anti-hair' for, it seems like, a few years now. It took a long time to roll it all. The girl has a lot of hair!!! Of course Jordyn, who adores her big sister and wants to do everything Cara does, was next. Her hair took MUCH less time to roll because it's not as thick... Next it was the waiting game to see how the whole sleep-in-the-sponge-rollers would go. I can report that Cara never complained once and Jordyn was asleep in no time flat! Phew...

Here are some photos of the finished Project Curls:

I finger-combed Jordyn's curls out but we left Cara's alone from the curlers.
They loved all the attention they got at church from being so curly!

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