Ice, Ice Baby

I doubt I've ever seen school cancelled the night before an ice storm but there's always a first time for everything... I got the call last night from my team leader who told me to sleep in!

So, what time was I up?

7:15. The girls were up and outside checking out the "winter wonderland".

Nice, I know... I did however, refuse to get out of my pajamas until noon! Bryan didn't have to leave for work until 10 am. It was great! :)


Tobi said...

That is a super awesome picture of the ice! We barely got any here in Killeen. School was in, but the Army let people come in two hours later than normal. Go figure.

Courtney said...

Wasn't that nuts! scott had a seriously hard commute that morning. He had to go in early. I was nervous that he would freeze to death in the game room :)