Head West Young ... wait ... Old People.

I hacked into Hilary's blog to post Extended Boyer family news.

We just got off a conference call with my parents and all my family while my parents opened their mission call. They have been called to serve in the Oakland California Temple Visitors Center. They report to the MTC on March 16th we are very excited for them.

Congratulations Mom and Dad.

Love the Texas Boyers.


Mandie said...

How fun for them! We wish them the best in sunny California! =D

Jillian Renee Davis Garcia said...

Congratulations Boyers! We wanted to go last week, while we were there, but it was closed. We love the Bay Area! Good Luck in All you do!

Tobi said...

Love the title for this post! I was laughing before I even read it to see what it was all about. Congrats "old people" on your cool Cali mission call.

Aleena said...

Wow, I'm out of the loop, Mac and Joanne are coming here!?! I didn't even know they were going on a mission! Dan might have been told by Stan but he doesn't always remember to relay information. I am going to the Oakland Temple in a few minutes actually. My mom and aunts and two of my cousins are going together just us girls. That will be awesome too see them in the visitors center whenever we go there! Yay Oakland Temple!