Happy New Year.... VOMIT, VOMIT, VOMIT............

Round 1 - 5:00 am - New Years morning Hilary calls to me from the girls room, "I need you." As I was coming to consciousness I heard "fluid" being poured into a bucket. The "fluid" was the contents of Jordyn's stomach.

Round 2 - 5:30 am - Everything has been cleaned up. We (Me, Hilary, and Jordyn) are settling back into our bed now, with bowl in hand. Again, more comes up from the tiny stomach. Strip our bed of sheets, take them to the garage for cleaning, and set Jordyn up on the couch with a towel under her to catch anything we don't.

Round 3 - 6:00 am - Here we go again. This time we are more prepared. Can you see a pattern? The poor child wretched every 30 minutes from then on. Eventually, obviously there was nothing left in her belly but the heaving continued. She got pretty good at knowing when to sit up and find her bowl. This lasted until about 10:00 am.

I went to bed about 7:00 am and slept until 9:30 and then it was Hilary's turn to sleep. She slept until 12:30. Needless to say we were very tired on Thursday.

Below is a picture of how Jordyn spent Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

So NOT normal!!
This is a girl who hardly sits down, ever.

Hilary took Jordy to the Dr. on Saturday thinking she might be dehydrated and need an IV (she had eaten half a piece of toast and some water since Thursday). The Dr. said she had Strep, gave her a shot for that, and pretty much said nothing about the PUKE.

We did notice a change in her for the better Saturday night. Sunday she has pretty much returned to normal. Thank goodness.

Hopefully the rest of 2009 is better than Days 1-3.


scott said...

I'm thinking she was puking because of the Dallas Cowboys blanket she was forced to snuggle with.

Glad she feels better now.

Scott K.

Joe & Ashley said...

Oh how sad. Although reading this was really deja vu for me. It sounded just like our Thanksgiving ours too was every half hour. Joe had it worse though did you know he pulled a muscle in his neck from all the dry heaving??

Spymommy said...

The ONLY time my Christopher throws up is when he has strep. I immediately cart him off to the Dr. at the first sign of puke!

Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

Tobi said...

Oh that poor little woman! That is some seriously sad picture of her just laying on the couch. I'm glad she feels better.

Amanda said...

I am sorry to hear that your news years wasn't spectacular. But it great to get an update from you guys. Love you!