Tooele (Too-will-uh)

We spent June 23-29th with my parents in the thriving metropolis of Tooele, Utah. That sleepy, little town is getting SO big. It's crazy!

My folks always try to have some fun stuff planned for when we visit and this year was no exception. Highlights include:

Monday: Chillin' with the fam. Sidewalk art. Sprinklers. Marathon Scrabble.
Tuesday: Church History Museum of Art. (There is a fabulous children's exhibit called "I am a Child of God"!). Private BBQ and swim party at Jill & Jared's work HQ.
Wednesday: Hogle Zoo (see below post.)
Thursday: We cleaned out the huge shed that has been storing mom & dad's things in boxes since they moved from Heidelberg in 1995. Found lots of childhood treasures and memories! Went to Amanda & Beau's endowment in Bountiful.
Friday: Wall*E. (not my favorite movie ever...)

A great week!

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Aubrey said...

Nope. I don't think Jordy could be any cuter. I love the glasses!