The Davis Family takes over Utah's Hogle Zoo...

We love to go to the zoo! It was a hot, sweaty day and by the end we were all tired but happy.

Must-see animals on the list were:
Cara - The Ghost of the Bayou (white crocodile)
Thomas - red pandas (just saw Kungfu Panda)
Jordyn - elephants
Rusty - zebras
Tyson - giraffes

I also ran into an old friend from high school at the zoo. Our group split up for lunch and as I was just about finished eating, Cara came running up the hill to find me. "Mom, the umthanksforsharing lady is here!" What? She repeated herself 3 times before I figured out what she was talking about... My friend, Sue Richardson's, blog is called 'Um, Thanks for Sharing' and she was at the zoo as well! She recognized the girls from photos on my blog and talked them into going to find me. :) Thank goodness I got to see her there as best laid plans to visit during the Boyer week fizzled out... It really was good to see you Sue!!


Erin said...

That is so awesome that she recognized your kiddos from your blog...isn't blogging wonderful!

Spymommy said...

I cannot believe that you and Sue were at the Hogle Zoo at the exact same time! That is to bizarre for words! And so very, very cool! I'm way jealous, and wish that for some reason both of you would have ended up at my grandpa's funeral for the day and a half I was in Utah . . . ah well, that would have been even weirder. Cute pics!