Bear Lake 2008

26 people.

That's how many people we had crammed in ONE condo. There was a lot of love squished in there with us! ♥ (We were just missing Scott, on a mission in Taiwan, and Amanda & Beau, on their honeymoon.)

Bear Lake 2008 Highlights:

Jet Skis
A better cooking duty plan :)
Boyer family historical biographies
Family Baseball Game
Staying up past midnight every night giggling
GOLF tournament
BGA (Boyer Golf Association T-Shirts)


Erin said...

You are a great photographer. I love the picture of you and Jordy, you look so pretty. Not that you don't always. Family reunions are always so much fun. I'm glad you guys had a great vacation but I'm also glad you are back to hang out with me :)

Becca said...

I loved the Bear Lake pictures! Alyssa was watching the slide show with me and every once in a while she would exclaim, "Mama! There's my friend!"

Spymommy said...

We did Bear Lake two years ago with Travis' family and it was just as much fun as your photos looked - the only difference I can see is that we slept in cabins at the KOA campground and you had an actual house to stay in. Fun times!

Hey - did you get a new camera? What kind do you use? These pictures were really, really great!

Daniel and Aleena Boyer Family said...

Bear Lake was such a blast. It was fun to finally see you and your family in person and know your names! Sorry we didn't get to talk much. Dan's ankle is getting better slowly but surely.

Aubrey said...

Okay, it looks as if there is enough family that next year you can take me, and no one would notice. That looked like so much fun!