No, My First Name Ain't Baby....

....it's Janet. Miss Jackson if you're Nasty!



Rhythm Nation 1814 Tour.

Frankfurt, Germany.

Me, Samantha, Chris, Laurie, Ryan (and probably other really important people that I'm forgetting. Shar, were you there?)

It was awesome - to say the least! I remember Ryan and Chris just dancing all night. I'm pretty sure if I tried hard I could remember the distinct odor of sweaty Europeans. I remember laughing and singing and staying up so late driving home.

Now Flashforward.

Last night.

Rock Witchu Tour.

Dallas, Texas - American Airlines Center.

Me, Suzy, Janet. Again.

Janet and I are both eighteen years older now and we're both a bit chubbier but she worked it! The dancing was awesome. There was a lot of choreography from the music videos that was easy to recognize and made it so much fun!

Bryan was able to score tickets for me to the concert. His company has season tickets to EVERYTHING at the AA center and when the family he works for isn't using the tickets they offer them up to the staff. We've seen things from sporting events and the Ringling Brothers Circus to Blue Man Group and the Harlem Globetrotters for free - with parking passes. I know, it's a sweet perk of his job.

I was fresh off the disappointing news that New Kids on the Block (my first concert ever!) tickets were offered but they were playing on a Sunday, when Bryan called and asked, "How much do you love me?" I knew it was something good and I was RIGHT!

The concert rocked! An incomplete list of songs that I can remember:

The Pleasure Principle


What Have You Done for Me Lately

You Want This


Miss You Much

Come Back to Me

Let's Wait Awhile


Doesn't Really Matter


Love Will Never Do (Without You)

When I Think of You

All for You

That's the Way Love Goes

Black Cat

Rhythm Nation


She also played at least 4 songs I didn't recognize from her newer album as well. The costume changes were fabulous. And did I mention she danced her tail off? Aside from one of Bryan's co-workers who was extremely inebriated and one racy, S & M influenced song (yikes!) it was fun, fun, fun and brought back memories of my fellow 'Bergers.

Major points, hon. :)


Spymommy said...

Ahh, memories! I think I might have to dig up the picture of the ridiculous outfits we all wore to that Rythm Nation concert. Do you remember that my dad was there too? Bizarre and so, so much fun!

Tobi said...

What a nice hubby you have! How awesome to party with Janet for one night!

Aubrey said...

That is awesome! Total bummer on the New Kids on the Block, though. I downloaded one of their new songs, and now Jon has to explain (in embarrassed tones) why he has a New Kids on The Block song on his Ipod. It sounds like you had a great time!

Tobi said...

Dear Hilary,

I need to see pictures of your cute munchkins dressed up for Halloween. PLEASE!!!

With much longing and love,

Tobi of the Army Wilkinson's