Five Fun-Filled Years

Happy, Happy Birthday Jordyn, Dear...

You have brightened our lives immeasurably, little one. You have lots and lots of love to spread around. You make us laugh every day. You are a ray of sunshine in this world!
You and your 'noculars.
Harriet Potter
One of your most creative pieces of art...
The scariest week of our life was when you had RSV at 2 years old and were the tiny girl in a bubble. Thank goodness for bunny...
Bluebonnet Beauty
The awesome stroller at the themepark in Branson, MO.
3rd birthday - 2006

There's no place like home... my favorite smile.

4th Birthday - 2007 Princess 'Tea' Party

You are sure growing up nicely, Jordyn.

I lub you.


Joe & Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Jordy!! And we lub you too!!

Lisa Meyer said...

Happy Birthday Jordyn. We sure miss you.

Jillian Renee Davis Garcia said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Jordyn!
Happy Birthday to you!
We Love You!
Aunt Jillian, Uncle Jared, Thomas, and Maya

Aubrey said...

Seriously, she is adorable! Happy Birthday Jordy! We love you!

courtney said...

She is so cute Hil! Happy birthday!

Mandie said...

Happy birthday Jordyn! We miss you bunches!! -oh and your family too;)

Tobi said...

What an adorable little Jordyn you have! I love the pictures and the 'noculars.