Oh, What Do You Do In The Summertime??

Well if your last name begins with a B and ends with an OYER then you are at the pool!!

A bunch of our playgroup friends from our former ward all bought pool passes to the city pools this summer. It has been a sound investment! My original reasoning for spending the money on pool passes was that if we weren't at the house it wouldn't get messy - and to a certain extent that's been true. But even better than a clean house is water-loving kids who look much healthier with a little sunshine and always come home from the pool tired and ready for an early bedtime. ☺ It's nice that I get to socialize with my friends too.

I have one week left of my summer before I'm going to be going back to work. We're going to enjoy it!

The 2008 swimming crew: Beans, Boyers, Jeffords, Koenigs, Petersons, Wurtz' (and Allens not pictured...)


Spymommy said...

What's this business about going back to work? Did I miss a post? Explaining please.

courtney said...

It has been a fun summer. I am loving the pool and tired pool kids. It kind of knocks me out too!

Tobi said...

That kids pool is amazing. how I long for a kids pool nearby. The nearest is in Austin. An hour from my house and too far to go every day or even every week.

Also thank you for your great comment on my cousin Jennifer's blog. You are one awesome lady Hil!