Double Digits Already?

Happy 10th Birthday Cara!

You've been walking around for two weeks now giving us a countdown until your birthday...

"Four more days, Mom! Then I'll be 10, Mom. Don't you feel old, Mom?"

No, honey. I still feel like I did on that day ten years ago when you came from heaven to join our family. It really does feel like yesterday. Your birth brought so much joy into our lives. Daddy and I weren't sure we would even be blessed with children so imagine our delight when we found out we were going to have a baby. You were our first miracle.

I'll spare you the newborn pictures. Those first few months are blurry in my memory... Feedings, diaper changes, gallons of spit-up and crying stand out though. By six months old you were much happier and so, so adorable.

By age two you were very talkative and already had many books memorized. "There's a Wocket in my Pocket" was a favorite. Your love for music and singing also started early on.

When you had your tonsils out Grandma Davis flew down to help me because I was sure it would be traumatic for you... I was wrong! By the next day you were eating potato chips and we had this "pink" picture taken of you two days after your surgery...

Your fourth birthday party at Chelsea's Tea Room was so much fun! Even though you're not smiling in this photo it's one of my favorites of you. You have always been a child who doesn't ask for much. You're happy (most of the time) with whatever you are given and I appreciate that!

Our special announcement for Grandma & Grandpa was super fun. It's doubtful that anyone could have been more excited to be a big sister than you were! You told everyone and anyone who would listen what was coming up for you.

I love that you love science! I'd like to think I had a little to do with that... It's really something that you are very gifted with. You love to ask "Why?" and that little question is the reason you are so smart. Don't ever stop wondering why...

You take your role as big sister very seriously. Thank you for being a friend and example for Jordyn. She thinks you're fabulous, you know. So do I.

The sheer number of books you've read amazes me. I love that we share many of the same favorite books. You finished the Harry Potter series before you turned 9... I love that you'll bring a book into my room and just want to be near me while you read. That we have that connection is awesome, Cara.

You are growing into a beautiful person but don't grow up too fast... You make me want to try harder to be a better mother and I love you for that.
Thank you for being willing to try new things. You can do anything you want to do if you just work hard and continue to practice. Believe in yourself. Trust in the Lord.
Happy Birthday, Munchie. We love you all the way around the universe and back!


Erin said...

I was totally tearing up as I read that. You are a great mom and you have great children! Happy Birthday Cara!

Lisa Meyer said...

Happy Birthday Cara!! I can't believe how much Jordyn looks like Cara when she was younger.

bramwell said...

Tell Cara Happy Birthday!! That was such a cool post to read!! You are awesome!

Tobi said...

I love birthday blogs!! Happy 10th Birthday Cara. I hope you have a wonderful and fun filled day.

Tobi said...

p.s. August 22nd is my daughter Cora's birthday. Cora and Cara with August birthdays. I knew August was a super cool month.

David Leighton said...

What a nice post Hillary! Happy birthday Cara - You are very photogenic!