Day 4 - Yellowstone

Our last day in Yellowstone began here at the sign before the West Entrance. Love the bear hanging onto the pole at the left!
First stop was checking out a herd of bison that were grazing on the other side of the river.
P.U.! Bison poo...
When we arrived back at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone a bison was lounging next to the restrooms. Not my ideal hang out spot... You can see how close we were able to get. He was there for quite awhile too.

We hiked the trail down to the Lower Falls where you can get right up to the edge of the waterfall. It was gorgeous and very loud! This and Old Faithful were my favorite sites to visit while here. Just beautiful!

After we finished at Canyon Village the last thing Jordyn and Rusty needed to do to earn their Junior Ranger badges was attend a Ranger-led discussion. It was beginning to rain but Ali and I took the kids to Fishing Bridge to meet a ranger. Because of the weather we were the only ones who turned out. This nice, lovley man did a personalized game show for Jordyn and Rusty. Jordy & I were Team Bears and Ali & Rusty were Team Tatanka (buffalo). It was neck and neck the entire time as we went back and forth answering questions about what we'd learned at Yellowstone. Lots of fun!
We headed back to Fishing Bridge to collect their Junior Ranger badges and the Ranger at the Visitor's Center made a big fuss about presenting the kids with their badges.

Look at those SMILES!
On the edge of Yellowstone Lake. It was very cold water!
Caught a quick picture of this bison swimming across the river. Awesome!
These last two photos are not good quality at all but these two bison were playing around and head-butting each other. They were galloping up and down the hill chasing each other. So fun to witness since most of the time when we saw bison they were lounging or grazing.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures! Yellowstone sounds like a great family get away. I took my kids to Antelope Island in Utah to see the Bison. The Bison slept and ate the entire time we were there. My children were terrified! At one point they actually refused to get out of the car. =)