Allison's wedding

(Picture taken from Allie's Facebook page. I'm sure it's by her photographer but I don't know her name...)

Our niece, Allison, was sealed to Jordan Baker on June 23, 2012 in the Bountiful UT temple. It was a beautiful wedding and they made a very handsome couple together. When someone on the Boyer side gets married you can count on one thing - Family Time!
Cara & Jordyn watched Amanda & Beau's son, Mac, while we were inside for the sealing. He's a real cutie!

 The girls in front of the Bountiful Temple.
 I love this picture of Bryan and his parents, JoAnn & Mac. They all look so happy together. :)
 Cara and her cousin Megan at the luncheon. Megan just graduated from high school and will be attending Utah State in the fall.

 Bryan and I cheesing it up. 
 A picture with the gorgeous bride! Grandma Boyer made Jordyn some "B" bunny ears for her headband. I'm pretty sure she wore them the whole day!

 The next morning we drove Bryan to the airport (so he could come back and work for another week before the "real" vacation began) and drove to Ogden for Amanda's son's blessing. His name is Dean Allen Bramwell. One thing we'll remember from his blessing day is the family that got up and sang "The Wise Man Built his House Upon the Rock" complete with actions for an intermediate hymn. :)

The baby 'parking lot' at Amanda's during the luncheon. On the left is Kris' daughter, LyliAnn, in the middle is Ashley's daughter, Brixley, and on the right is baby Dean. Good times!


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