Girl's Camp 2010

Our tribe name "Mahanamakamaka" (Friends with the light of Christ)

So I was called to be the Girl's Camp director for our ward this year. It was especially exciting because it was Cara's first year to attend. She was not offically in YW yet but because she was going into 7th grade she could go. The poster above was for our fundraiser. It was a total success!

How many YW can squeeze into the Bishop's truck?

The before picture

Our Iron Chef Dutch oven masterpieces

Catching fish. Cara was really good at this!

Singing Camp songs. Some of these are the same as when I was a youth...

Leading a song at lunch time. "The Princess Pat"

Safety goggles? Check.


Swimming on the last day of camp.
The Last Supper

I loved spending time with these girls. Especially the one in green next to me. The week was full of fun memories and I feel blessed to have gotten to go for her first year!

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