A Special Surprise

Funny Story.

We were out for an ice cream on Wednesday night and got a phone call from Bryan's dad who is on a mission in Oakland, CA.

"Where are you guys? I called your house...". Bryan answered that we were just driving around and the next reply was, "Good, then you can go pick up a stranded sister missionary from the airport!"

Sister Galli was on her way home to Argentina when her flight was delayed getting into Dallas (sound familiar?) and she missed her connecting flight to Buenos Aires. The airline offered her a hotel room since they only have one flight a day to Argentina and the soonest she'd leave was the next evening.

Apparently she was distraught at the idea of an entire day by herself in a hotel and tried to reach her mission president (in a mtg.), his wife (no answer), and finally the temple visitor's center where she got Sister Boyer on the phone. ☺

So what do you do with a sister missionary for a whole day? The girls were initially a tad distressed over the whole no TV, radio, Wii thing but got over it pretty quickly...

Here's a rundown of the day:

  • Make homemade waffles and fresh fruit for breakfast
  • Look at Sister Galli's missionary farewell book with Grandma & Grandpa's picture and letter in it
  • Wash Sister Galli's clothes (since she'll have to wear them all day today and tomorrow too...)
  • Ballet lessons from Sister Galli
  • Take Sister Galli to the park and have swinging contests
  • Spanish lessons from Sister Galli
  • Go to lunch at On the Border (because they don't have Mexican food in Argentina. Who knew?)
  • Play Pictureka and Disney Trivial Pursuit with Sister Galli
  • Sing every song learned in Pre-K for Sister Galli
  • and finally, take her back to the airport for her flight back to her family!

It was a fun day and a great experience for the girls and I!!


Aleena said...

That is awesome!

Mac said...

Thanks you for taking such good care of Sister Galli. We knew she would be in good hands. Love Elder and Sister Boyer(Gpa and Gma)

Tobi said...

What a neat and fun experience! I'm so glad you took pictures of sweet sister Galli. By the way you are a total wonder woman to go pick up a sister missionary that you don't know at the drop of a hat! This is me admiring you HIL!

Joe and Ashley said...

What a great experience she looks so nice and it looks like the girls had lots of fun with her!

Gwen said...

This is exactly why I love you! What an example for the girls. For a second I thought you were pregnant!!!

Mandie said...

How fun! This is why we love you guys! I would have loved to hear all the songs learned in Pre-K =D