Every Day's an Adventure

If you know my dad at all you know all about this 'thing' he does. He does it every time - without fail... You say, "Hi! How are you today?" and he says, "Every day's an adventure!" Really. Every time. It's actually quite endearing.

Today Bryan & I had an adventure of the boring and frustrating kind.

Back in February we were planning to fly to Utah to attend Bryan's parent's mission farewell. We went to a Boy Scout spaghetti dinner/silent auction and bid on 2 Southwest roundtrip tickets to the destination of your choice. Obviously we won the tickets. Then we discovered that the Boyer's wanted the girls to come too. (Of course they did - who wouldn't want to see those two cuties???) So we ended up driving the whirlwind trek to Utah in March and ended up with 2 unused tickets to anywhere we wanted.

Bryan and I haven't been on a vacation alone together since before Cara was one. I know. It's sad. So after much thought and debate, we decided on San Diego. We made arrangements for the girls to split our time away with Suzy & Courtney (thanks you two!), packed our bags and planned a VACATION!

Our flight was scheduled to depart at 8:30 am and we had to be to Dallas by 7 which means leaving the house by 6:15 which means waking up at 5:30... So we had the girls spend the night with Suzy even though we were still in town the night before we left.

That night we were treated to a ginormous thunderstorm complete with tornado warnings and massive lightning. When we left for the airport the roads were clear and the rain had stopped - apparently only momentarily. We got to the airport and found our flight was delayed and then eventually cancelled because the storm picked up again quickly and the plane from Austin that we were getting on couldn't land. They had to go back to Austin! What? It was, it seemed, the storm of the century.

To make a LONG story short we had to trade out our tickets twice and finally got on a plane at 2:20 to Albuqureque, NM where we found ourselves delayed again!!! We left there at 7 pm and suffered through young babies whose poor ears wouldn't pop and two drunk guys on the plane who had foul mouths and dirty minds. Fifteen hours later we arrived in San Diego. Phew!

Picked up our rental car and a Garmin (GPS is a beautiful thing!) and checked into the gorgeous Westgate hotel. The lobby smells like roses and is a re-creation of one of the anterooms in the palace of Versailles. It's right downtown San Diego in the Gaslamp Quarter and boasts such former guests as Sean Connery, Katherine Hepburn, Robin Williams and Richard Simmons (ha!).

When we got to the room and opened our suitcases we discovered that they were soaked through! Apparently our luggage sat outside in the rain the whole morning in Dallas Love Field. Really? They couldn't bring it in? Or cover it? I mean SOAKED. Our room looks like a laundry mat exploded when we finally had everything laid out to dry... and we lost a whole day of plans.

But, we made it. We're here and we're together. That's really all that matters.


The Dragonfly said...

You'll look back years from now and laugh! I hope you have a great vacation together. Going on a trip without the kids is one of the best things Travis and I ever did for our marriage! Can't wait to hear more about it and hopefully see pictures.

Joe and Ashley said...

Haha that totally sounds like one of our vacations..those kinds of things ALWAYS happen to us. Sorry for the sucky part of your trip enjoy the rest of it!

Jillian Renee Davis Garcia said...

I am just glad you guys finally made it! Have a wonderful trip! Love you! Just think, the return trip HAS to be better!

(My word verification to post this is "mormon at". Kind of random, huh?)

Tobi said...

I hope you enjoy your trip despite all the delays and wet clothing. Have fun and take lots of pictures for me please!

The Gee Six said...

You make me smile! Sorry about all the delays. I hope you have a FABULOUS time! Love ya!