Pre-K Princess

I tried to get Jordyn into the Core Knowledge Full Day Pre-K program that my district offers before I started working this year. It would be tuition-based, meaning I'd pay for it, but it's just a little more than I was already paying Suzy to watch Jordy.

No dice. She was #20 on the waiting list and good luck, sista.

They called!! She's in!!

Before school

She's already been attending for a week but factor in my copious amounts of free time and you get a post with pictures today...

She's been singing songs, has her own packpack (as she calls it), locker, and nappy mat. In full day Pre-K they are mandated to have a one hour rest time - thank goodness!

Last week they had a unit all about apples. Johnny Appleseed, graphing apples, counting apple seeds, painting apples, apple pie, apple juice, applesauce, etc... Trust me, we heard a lot about apples. So far today she's sung songs about little fishies in a line and the G-R-E-E-N song.

After school

Look how small she looks here... my little girl...

It's good stuff!


Joe & Ashley said...

Wow! She does look so small and so cute. We miss you guys!!

Lynne said...

Full day Pre-k? I'm moving to Texas! We don't even get that in Kindergarten here. She looks so sweet. I hope she has a great day.

Beckie Boyer Walker said...

That is so great that she is in!!! Just so you know Trevor his backpack a "pack pack" also. I think that is so funny.

Mandie said...

Oh man! Jordan and soccer! Wish we could be there to see that!! Love it =D