Meet Maya

This is my newest niece, Maya Emery Garcia. Don't let those tubes distract you.

She is Jill & Jared's little miracle. They've been married for 10 years now. They had Thomas right away - he just turned 9 - and then no news for years and years after that...
Now they have Maya and I'm SO sad that I live so far away. She was born Friday night in Tooele and as you can see has TONS of dark hair! A few hours after birth the doctors sent her to stay at Primary Children's Medical Center's NICU in Salt Lake because she was having difficulty breathing. She's now being treated for pneumonia and is scheduled to stay for a seven day course of antibiotics.
Everyone I talk to doesn't sound too worried. So I'm going to take a page from that book and just be excited for her arrival and send my prayers and positive thoughts that way!
Love you Jillian!


Tobi said...

Ohhh!! I love babies. She's such a little bitty angel!

I'm so glad that you did find a little time to blog after all. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

Spymommy said...

been totally missing you in the blog world. glad you came back. this baby tugs at my momma heartstrings in a serious, serious way. tell Jill congrats !

Tobi said...

I posted something new. Thanks for keeping me on the path of blogging. Once you start on the path of blogging forever will it rule your destiny.

What famous line am I stealing from now smartie pants??