Meeting the Mayor

Our family was invited to attend the Arlington City Council meeting last night as the Fit Future program was honored for their contributions to decreasing childhood obesity. You might remember my post about Cara's new bicycle...We got to ride the bus down to City Hall which was probably the highlight for Jordyn... She has a knack for entertaining anyone who will listen to her. :)
This is Mr. Sam. He runs the Fit Future program out of Amos Elementary and he works really hard at educating the students on healthy living choices like exercising and eating right.
Getting to shake hands with the mayor of Arlington, Robert N. Cluck (yes, Cluck...), was a highlight for Cara. I was too late in snapping this picture. He shook Cara's hand right before this. Drat.
Mayor Cluck reading the proclamation with the director of the YMCA, Sue White, looking on. It was pronounced that April 2008 is Fit Future Month.
This group photo cracks me up because all of the children look like deer in the headlights! It can definitely be nerve-wracking to be stared at by a room full of adults...

What a neat experience for Cara this was!

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Spymommy said...

And I think Cara is the "fittest" looking kid there!