General Conference Artwork

We don't have cable at our house. We got rid of it a few years ago because we found we were watching (and tivo'ing) way too much TV... The two times a year we miss not having cable are when General Conference time rolls around. Then we get to impose on the hospitality of friends, bring our children to their house and try to glean as much important information from conference as we can.

This session we were at Suzy and Brandon's house. Brandon is an artist and illustrator for Reel FX in Dallas which should explain everything about the following ankle and leg artwork the kids were treated to today.
Jordyn's Boz, the bear.

Darby's butterfly

Spongebob jellyfishing

Dash's little leg...

Cara's Darth Vader
The artist at work...
Notice the hand puppet too? It was singing I am a Child of God.

Max's Yoda

Something at least a little churchy...

Suzy & Brandon - love birds....