Jordyn's 12th Birthday

Birthday girl!
Cara gave Jordyn a large Beanie Boo named Twig and started off her birthday in a great way!

<=Jordyn on the announcements at school for her birthday!

Yummy cake from Texas Star Bakery. Our favorite!

Having a November birthday can be a drag sometimes because it is nearly winter time. Jordyn really wanted a pool party so we rented the NRH Centre and invited 40 of her closest friends! She wanted a chocolate cake from Costco that was music themed and pizza.  The NRH Centre has lots of fun things to do including a climbing wall, a slide that goes outside the building and then back in, a lap pool, and a sweet hot tub. It was fun to watch the kids flit from one thing to the next!  
Sydney, Tori, Kate, Erin & Jordy

Bailey, Rylee, Feynix, Lacy, Amelia, Tori, Jordyn, Sydney, Steven, Tyjah & Danica

My cuties!

Brock, Casey, Aaron & Aiden

Daisy, Leora & Chloe

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! Welcome to Young Womens!


First Round of Chemo

We pulled into the dreaded Parking Garage #4 (my old nemisis...) and Bryan took a minute to gather himself before we went into the Sammons Center. I thought the Speed Limit sign was interesting so I snapped a quick picture.

The first thing they did after we checked in was take some blood. Then we met with Bryan's doctor, Micah Burch, who talked about everything that would be going on today. He will be on 5 different chemo medicines - a regemin called RCHOP. (Rituximab, Cytoxan, Doxorubicin, Oncovin & Prednisone)

Getting all settled in with a nice, warm blanket. The infusion center has lots of different snacks available if you (or your guest) are hungry.

"The Red Devil"
This is how Bryan spent most of his time in the Infusion Center. We were there for nearly eight hours. It was exhausting but informational and not nearly as bad as we thought it might be.