Jordyn's 12th Birthday

Birthday girl!
Cara gave Jordyn a large Beanie Boo named Twig and started off her birthday in a great way!

<=Jordyn on the announcements at school for her birthday!

Yummy cake from Texas Star Bakery. Our favorite!

Having a November birthday can be a drag sometimes because it is nearly winter time. Jordyn really wanted a pool party so we rented the NRH Centre and invited 40 of her closest friends! She wanted a chocolate cake from Costco that was music themed and pizza.  The NRH Centre has lots of fun things to do including a climbing wall, a slide that goes outside the building and then back in, a lap pool, and a sweet hot tub. It was fun to watch the kids flit from one thing to the next!  
Sydney, Tori, Kate, Erin & Jordy

Bailey, Rylee, Feynix, Lacy, Amelia, Tori, Jordyn, Sydney, Steven, Tyjah & Danica

My cuties!

Brock, Casey, Aaron & Aiden

Daisy, Leora & Chloe

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! Welcome to Young Womens!

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Unknown said...

So glad you posted her party. My lil one has a birthday in the winter and wanted a swim party too. Great idea:)