The trouble begins...

One day, while I was at work I got a call from Bryan. He had not been feeling well for several days and his doctor advised him to head to the hospital to be evaluated. He was throwing up and was not able to keep anything down... In short, he was miserable. The doctors at Baylor decided to admit him to run tests and try to figure out what was going on.
They did many, many tests and finally ended up doing an endoscopy to take a look at what was blocking him up.  Dr. Hamilton came out of the O.R. and said, "Houston - we found the answer!" He was very excited to have found the reason for all of the pain in his belly.
As bad as it was, we were happy they found something too...
The results say, "A large frond-like/villous, ulcerated, circumferential mass was found in the third part of the duodenum." A tumor. Growing in his small intestine. We've since nicknamed his tumor "The Fern."
Bryan was in the hospital for four days.

We came to visit daddy in the hospital and he was in pretty good spirits. Especially after they let him eat a little bit!

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