Saving the Best for Last!

Port 4 - Grand Turk Island, Turks & Caicos

By far our favorite port of call was Grand Turk Island because we did the Snorkle & Stingrays excursion.

Before heading out, we walked up and down the main beach front of Grand Turk.
It was a conch shell mecca!

The snorkle & stingray excursion started with a boat ride (that we didn't have to paddle ourselves) to Stingray Bay. Our guides rounded up two or three stingrays for us to hold, kiss (seriously?), and get a back massage from.

Then we got back on the boat to head to some deeper waters to snorkle. Our guides actually chummed the water to attract fish of all sizes and colors. It was incredible!!

It was all good until I saw the shark (YES! Shark!) and then I QUICKLY swam back to the boat with Cara. Bryan and Jordyn stayed in the water (apparently unfazed by said shark) and had about 10 more minutes of snorkling.
The water here was much clearer than in St. Thomas and we had quite the adventure!!

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