Whirlwind Weekend

Many months ago I agreed to go on a scrapbook retreat with some of my oldest, dearest friends. The dates happened to fall on my birthday weekend and I figured that would be a nice birthday gift for myself. As the date came closer things started accumulating for the same weekend and I started regretting the decision to go on the retreat.

Here's a list of all the things I missed while I was gone this weekend:
  • Bryan got tickets to the Ranger's game Friday nights. Jordyn managed to make it through a whole game and they even stayed for the fireworks.
  • My school's Family Fun Day. Only THE best school carnival you've ever seen. Complete with ginormous rock climbing wall and Cara performed a flag routine with the Ensemble girls and a dance routine with some friends.
  • Cara's volleyball game where I'm told she was a rockstar.
  • Jordyn had a friend's birthday party to go to.
  • My dear friend's oldest child, Charlie, got baptized on Saturday night.
  • Both of my daughters bore their testimonies in church on Sunday. SO sad I missed that one!
Needless to say, Bryan had some serious running around to do to keep up with the weekend's activities...

While I did miss out on way too much family time, I did enjoy myself immensely.
  • I completed all the work I took with me. I honestly didn't think I would get as much done as I did so I could've brought more to work on.
  • I spent more time laughing this weekend than I have in a LONG time. My face hurt from laughing not long after I arrived.
  • I got a break from the hustle and bustle that each weekend seems to bring whether I'm ready for it or not.
  • Had many deep conversations about life and children.
  • I actually slept in until 9:30 yesterday morning. I can't remember the last time that happened!
  • Bryan made dinner Sunday and Cara baked and frosted a cake for me.
It really was a great weekend! Can't wait to do it again!


Amanda said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time! I am glad that you got to do something fun for your bday!

Tobi said...

I'm glad you had a good time and I'm sorry that you missed your daughters bearing their testimonies in church.

Three years ago I went out of town and my daughter started walking the day after I left. OF COURSE!

Sue said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you got a sweet getaway.

The girls are asking if you guys are coming to Bear Lake for your Davis reunion this summer. We totally want to crash the party again!

Kay said...

LOOK....I'm leaving a comment!!! Are you so proud!!! HA....now, I'm not secretly stalking!!!

Thank you SO MUCH for spending your birthday weekend (when you had so many other very important things to do) with us and especially with me!!! I had an absolute BLAST and was so very, very grateful to get caught up with you and enjoying laughs and friendship and tremendous conversation!!! You're such a doll and I adore you as a person and cherish you as a friend!!! Can't wait until the next one!!!!

Love you!!!

The Gee Six said...

What an awesome way to spend your birthday . . . much more relaxing than running around!

Happy late birthday!

Jdawg said...

We love and miss you all so much! I am glad to hear you had a great weekend. Sorry we didn't call you or anything but we are going through some rough times right now and my mind was elsewhere. I apologize for that and just wanted to let you know that we all love and miss you all and that you are all, always in our prayers. Take care sis, love ya! Jer