By the Numbers...

17 days
11 states
4,500 miles
1 wedding
2 baby blessings
17 family members in a cabin
11 skeeter bites on Jordyn's legs
2 nasty sunburns
4 historic United States landmarks
hundreds of photos
thousands of smiles, hugs and laughs


Day 5 - Part 2 Mount Rushmore

 This is what Mount Rushmore looked like when we first arrived... A little hazy... Sad days...
Then the sun came out and all was well!

We decided to drive to Rushmore on our way home because it was only eight hours from Yellowstone. ONLY 8 hours? Who's idea was this? But really, it was awesome!
 Checking out the broze casted statue of Mount Rushmore at the Ranger's station.

 The hall of flags. There's one from each state there!

Super glad Ali & Rusty joined us for this leg of the trip!

Gutzon Borglum, designer of Mount Rushmore, was born in Montpelier, ID and we see a sign about him up at Bear Lake each summer.

Yep, should've done my hair...

Earning their second Junior Ranger badges! She's super excited about it. :)