The girls love to jump on the trampoline when the sprinkler is on underneath. It makes me happy when they can play and have fun together!
Cara says it looks like she's sitting on the fence in this picture!


Jordyn's kindergarten year was a very good experience for her! She absolutely adored her teacher, Ms. Kennedy and learned many new things that she would come home and tell us all about. Her reading and writing skills increased by leaps and bounds. I am amazed by her progress! The end of the year culminated with a song-filled morning kindergarten graduation.
Here she is in the middle of the pack singing, "The World is a Rainbow". I remember singing this song when I was in elementary school. ☺

Getting ready to sing "A Toody-Tot" and hanging out with her buddy Nazir from Pre-K. He's a great friend to Jordyn!
This is Ms. Kennedy. Jordyn says, "She is beautiful and nice and she loves me a lot each and every day! She taught me about things like being nice to people and she loves when I listen to her. She likes to talk about things that are really good like writing center and home center. I love Ms. Kennedy two thousand!"
We love you little one.♥