The Return of Pudge

Here he is! Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez! Back with the Texas Rangers!

August 19, 2009 Pudge was traded back to the Rangers from the Houston Astros. Pudge has always been our favorite Ranger and when he left as a free agent in 2002 a little sparkle left my eyes... really.

So Bryan got 6 tickets to the Ranger game on the 20th from his office and we decided to invite the Koenig girls to come with us so our girls wouldn't be quite so bored. Two days later Pudge was traded back to the Rangers and suddenly we were scheduled to be at THE game of the year! It was exciting! The crowd was electrified! The hot dogs were $1! Could life get any better? When Pudge ran onto the field and was introduced the crowd went crazy. It was a deafening roar. Well, even though the Rangers ended up losing, the game was a blast and the Return of Pudge was everything a Ranger fan could've asked for!

Here's how the girls spent the game.... See? Not bored!

Gotta love it!