It's Bluebonnet time in Texas!

If you're from the great Lonestar State you know what I'm talking about.

It's the annual search for the best spot to take your children's picture surrounded by the state flower, the bluebonnet! Seeing vanloads of people stopping on the side of the highway to snap photos is a common occurrence and this year was no different.

Suzy and I decided to try our luck yesterday since it was a school holiday and she's never taken bluebonnet pics (which very well could be illegal around here...).

We found a great spot off Spur 408 and Grady Niblo which allowed us to park under the overpass and shoot pictures somewhat below the highway which ended up being much safer! :) It was a little too windy and was kinda chilly but most of the pictures turned out super cute.


Dancing Fever

Our school district started to participate in the Dancing Classrooms program last year. Every elementary school's fifth grade class gets to have 10 weeks of professional dance lessons during their PE time at school. You might have heard of Dancing Classrooms from recent movies like "Take the Lead" with Antonio Banderas.

It's a good thing.

It has been so fun to watch the students go from "I don't want to dance at school," and barely willing to touch a member of the opposite sex to every one of the kids wanting to be on the special dance team made up of twelve students who represent the school at competitions!

Cara has really enjoyed learning all of these dances. The kids learn the Merengue, the Waltz, the Swing, the Tango, the Rhumba, the Fox Trot, a Heel-Toe Polka and the Cupid Shuffle. The culminating event for the 5th graders is a performance for the school during the day and an evening performance for parents which was tonight.

The gym has horrible lighting so the pictures aren't that great... Here's Cara introducing the Merengue where "the hardest part is keeping the party in the 'basement' and the 'upstairs' still." Ha!

Dancing the Fox Trot with Mikko who looks to be counting the steps. :)And here she is dancing the Tango with Michael. What a fun night!
If I can figure out how to upload video to the blog I'll add it soon!