Cough, cough, hack, hack, wheeze, wheeze

Wondering where I've been lately??

Me, too.

It's not pretty, folks. I've been battling what was diagnosed as bronchitis and then turned into pnuemonia. It knocked me down - hard. Ask the girls. Thank goodness for Bryan. Seriously. I'm slowly getting better. The cough is the worst because I cough so much it gives me a huge headache. By the end of the day I'm done.

I'll try to post soon.


Pajamagram Plug

I am a serious pajama girl. If I could live my whole life in pajamas I would give it major consideration... I'm not sure pajamas in church would go over well.

So, Bryan got me a pair of pajamas for Christmas. He ordered them online from a website called Pajamagram and, bless his heart, he thought I would enjoy this particular footed pair.

I might actually like them - if I were 50 pounds lighter and looked like this jammy model... As it is, I tried them on and they left nothing to the imagination. Every lump and bulge said, "Hello!" to everyone in the room and the fanny flap (that, as a bonus, can be embroidered with your name) wasn't very easy to manage.

Because he is a good man, Bryan encouraged me to find a replacement pair of pajamas. Pajamagram has a great return policy and so after I checked out the website and all they had to offer, I exchanged them for this pair.

This is more like it. They are SOOOOO comfy cozy. The fleece is soft and snuggly and the ribbon trim around the ankles, wrists and neckline reminds me of my baby blanket.

In a word: Yummy!


Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow...

I have a love/hate relationship with my girl's hair.

I love it when it's clean and fabulous-smelling. I love it when they let me actually "do"it. On the other hand, I hate it when it already looks ratty five minutes after I just "did" it. I hate it when it's so long it becomes unmanageable. A certain 10-year-old I know still needs help washing it and only puts conditioner in it under death threats.

Jordyn has had issues growing hair, period. She's had exactly two trims in her five years on the planet so far. She's been begging for a hair cut for a LONG time now and Cara finally consented to a hair cut for herself. So, despite just getting over a stomach bug that forced me to leave school early on Friday (that's another story... I'm just glad I didn't hurl in front of my students... can you imagine the mental scarring that could've inflicted??) we set off to the magical land of Kool Kuts for Kids.

Jordyn's before. A windy afternoon...
Cara's before.
That's some long hair!

We went at the best possible time because the girls got right into the chairs and it seemed like people just streamed in behind us. Jordyn entertained her self by watching Barbie's Prince & the Pauper and Cara got to play Star Wars Lego on whatever game system they have there.

Without further delay, the finished products...

Jordyn's after. A sleepy smile...

Cara's after!!
Isn't that adorable?! They cut off 12 inches of hair that Cara is going to donate to Locks of Love. She looks so grown up! It's crazy to me how time is flying so quickly. I was pleasantly surprised that Cara loves her new 'do. So far there is no haircut remorse and I hope it stays that way. ♥