Peer Pressure...

Okay, Okay... I'll do it. I'll start a blog.

I'm not one to usually follow the crowd but after being invited to one friend after the next's blog and reading every post possible they ever wrote (and, because I must be uber-nosy, after looking at all of their friend's and family's blogs) it looks like fun!

My friend Erin, especially, has been plugging the whole blog universe for awhile now. She says it's a great way to stay in touch with people and let them into your world. After hours (literally) of looking at all of your blogs, I have to agree.

I think, for me, it may be the answer I've been looking for to actually journal and write down some of my thoughts and feelings. When I was pregnant with Cara (1998), I started a journal on the computer but, alas, never saved it to a disc - when that computer crashed all of my efforts were in vain... I haven't even attempted to journal since then and cringe to think of all of the moments that have gone by never to be captured in pictures or on paper. So why not cyberspace??

Don't expect posts every day, but I will commit to once a week until I get rolling and figure this all out. Baby steps, right?