Pre-K Graduation

Yes, I know I just posted that Jordyn started Kindergarten last week but this is another "catch-up" post that I just couldn't skip.

She attended Hurst Hills Core Knowledge Pre-K program and learned all kinds of new things! She learned many, many new songs and poems. Her social skills improved dramatically. She can count to 100 and recognize all the letters and sounds. I could go on and on... This Pre-K program was different in that it was tuition-based ($600/month - ouch!) but it came right out of my check so I didn't really miss it AND when summer came and they stopped deducting the money it was like a huge raise. :) Besides I would have spent pretty close to the same for daycare anyway, right? It was also a full-day Pre-K with after-school care until I could pick her up at the end of my day.

Her Pre-K graduation was super cute! They walked in to "Pomp and Circumstance" wearing these card stock caps. This picture fully captures Jordyn's bubbly personality!
The children sang three songs that all had motions and hand gestures. I REALLY wish I could figure out how to post video because it was seriously precious. They sang "Each of us is a Flower", "The Three Little Pigs", and, one that I sang way back in my elementary days, "The World is a Rainbow". Here she is in her flower hat.
Being a good mom, I sent Jordyn to school wearing shorts under her dress. The kids were up on the stage for their performance so you could see Jordyn's shorts every time she raised her arms and even sometimes when her hands were down. Oops! We were probably the only ones who noticed though... :)

This is her teacher, Mrs. Mathis. She just adored Jordy. The principal at Hurst Hills, Mrs. Gallian, passed away last year from cancer. On the day of her passing, Mrs. Mathis told me that she was very upset about it and during nap time Jordyn crawled up on her lap in the rocking chair and she just rocked and rocked her crying silently. Jordyn can sense when people need a love and she was able to comfort her teacher. I love that about her.
Mrs. King, the Pre-K assistant.
Proud parents!
I checked Cara out from school to come watch the program too. One of the great perks to having your mom as your teacher! Congratulations Jordyn on a job well done!


Camping with the Dinosaurs

Check out this cool tent. It was a Christmas gift from my mom a few years back and has been woefully under-used. So any time we can pull it out of the garage and go camping - we do! We spent a weekend at Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glenrose,TX with our friends the Petersons and Koenigs.

Six adults+seven kids+one dog and one armadillo = lots of fun! Cooking a hot dog for dinner. The kids spent a lot of time at the fire "cooking". There's something about fire that, as a kid, is just awesome. Okay, as an adult it's still awesome... I think the most interesting thing the kids tried to roast was watermelon.
Court, Erin & I chillaxing. It almost looks like I'm asking for a refill on my plate...

So excited to be camping!
In the middle of the night Bryan ventured off to the bathroom and crossed paths with this friend. He rustled around the tent to get the camera out and snapped a quick and blurry picture of Mr. Armadillo's back end.
In the morning we ventured out to find some dinosaur tracks. Mission accomplished!
Then it was time for the river. The kids and some of the adults followed the river downstream. The water was not too chilly but the bottom and the rocks were slippery. It wasn't long before the girls went from this...
...to this...
Even Erin slipped and fell in!!
The waterbugs!
Dinosaur Valley State Park has a few ginormous dinosaur statues that originated at a World's Fair somewhere and then were shipped here. The kids were entranced.We were going to go check out a big dinosaur museum but the majority of the exhibits were outside and just as we pulled into the parking lot we were caught in a downpour and decided against that idea. It was a great time with great friends and lots of laughter and memories!


So happy together!

Today was the first day of school. I've been back for a week now doing "teacher things" but it was the first day with students and, hence, the girls first day. This will be the only year all three of us are together. It's really actually very exciting that I don't have to drop anyone off or pick anyone up this year! Cara is in 6th grade, Jordyn is in Kindergarten and I am firmly planted in fifth grade. :)

Here are the annual first day of school photos...
Little Jordyn in front of her kindergarten classroom. Doesn't she look so tiny?

Too much...

So, I haven't blogged for a LONG time. Mostly because I'm so overwhelmed with things to blog about and it was easier to just avoid it altogether... I feel kind of bad because my visitors number is still going up and I imagine the disappointment when there is nothing new here.

Just get ready because I'm gonna get it all on here and anyone out there can read at their leisure. With that said, here is a list of future blog posts:

Camping trip
Jordyn's Pre-K Graduation
Rainforest Cafe celebration
Piano Recital
Bathroom Renovation
Bear Lake
Helper Cousin Visit
Cara's birthday
the Return of Pudge
and more...